Our goal is to help Purchasers succeed in negotiations with Suppliers.

Established in 1999, ProPurchaser has grown to become a trusted resource for thousands of Purchasing professionals globally. The logos below show a sample of our members and affiliates.

How we help

As Purchasing professionals, we use two main approaches to price negotiations with suppliers:

  • The first is through a bidding process
  • The second is through direct negotiations with current suppliers

We help with direct negotiations.

Most of us simply do not have the time or resources to bid everything all the time. We have no alternative but to negotiate, one-on-one, with current suppliers, without the benefit of competitive pressures.

We help members achieve their goals by applying pressure another way, using the Golden Rule of Negotiations.

Never enter a negotiation without first researching what has happened to your supplier’s costs.

The pressure to reduce prices comes from a supplier’s natural desire to preserve his good name. Here’s how it works.

A supplier has little choice but to agree when confronted with the facts. After all, raising prices when their costs go up is common practice. Refusing to accept the same logic when costs go down would paint the supplier as greedy and unfair, something far worse for business than simply agreeing to a (reasonable) price decrease.

Our data and tools will keep you on top of changes to your suppliers’ costs and automatically alert you to opportunities to negotiate lower pricing or to push back against increases. For more information, please Take a Tour.

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Thank you for your interest in ProPurchaser. Good luck and happy savings hunting!

Rod Sherkin

Rod Sherkin, President